Vol Matrin 'Doco' Doherty Republican Flute Band


Established: 1981
Location: Govan - Glasgow
Website: www.vmdrfb.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/docorfb


The band was started in the wake of the 81 hunger strikes when it was felt that govan could sustain two rfbs so a group left the existing band (james connolly) and with a new group of like-minded republicans formed the Govan Shamrock Flute Band (GSFB) in the east of Govan or to give it its proper name the wine alley. Loyalists in the area were out to stop this and decided to intimidate younger members of the GSFB however this ceased when the band showed they would not be pressured or bullied meeting fire with fire.

It was decided that "republican" would be left out of the name until the band felt they could be sure of being able to survive, not only did this band survive they were to be the most forward thinking and political of the early rfbs not only taking part in but leading the way in republican marches in Scotland and Ireland.

The band then decided that republican would be adopted, so new names were to be offered and voted on by the band. Govan Fenian boy's rfb, even pride of Govan rfb (lol) and young republican flute band (YRFB) were voted on with the YRFB winning with an overwhelming majority again this band carried a fantastic reputation being lauded by the republican communities of Scotland and Ireland, however they were also resented and feared by loyalists.

The YRFB continued for a decade with promoting strong republican ideals to its members which are still implemented to this day. One of these ideals was to help republican communities in Ireland that have suffered during the war, one of the many things was an initiative that brought prisoners children from various areas over to Scotland for a few days. this resulted in the band being invited to march in the 1st anniversary commemoration for Vol. Martin Doco Doherty when the band attended they were asked if they would take Doco's name, an uncommon occurrence with a vol's name being used so soon after his death. The band voted on this with all members voting yes to the change.

And so the Vol Martin "Doco" Doherty RFB took to the streets with pride and have never looked back, the band now have an unbreakable bond with Doco's family.

The band are the longest running republican flute band in Scotland and are the only flute band in the Govan area (pride of govan and govan proddy boy's both coming from kinning park). The band would like to thank all members and supporters for their continued dedication and support throughout the years and hope this will continue for many years to come.

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